Incorporating Yoga and Meditation into Your Study Routine

Incorporating Yoga and Meditation into Your Study Routine

Research reveals that yoga and meditation have multiple physical and psychological effects on student’s well-being and academic performance. The evidence is so overwhelming that it does not take much effort to convince students of the resulting benefits. 

Since students are busy, they need advice on seamlessly incorporating yoga and meditation into their study routine. This is important because yoga and meditation are supposed to alleviate your burden and stress rather than exacerbate them. Check out our tips on how to do it with the least or no disruption to your current routine.

Take one step at a time

Mastering yoga and meditation take some time, so manage your expectations prudently. Start with a short yoga session every morning. Don’t jump on yoga poses that only advanced yoga practitioners can handle. Go for simple ones, such as the sun salutation or the mountain pose. 

It is important to master some basic breathing techniques and allocate time for breathing exercises. Before you know it, you will start feeling relaxed and calm. That’s an important first step, achieving a sense of equilibrium. 

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Add meditation to the mix

You need to learn how to meditate every day. It requires quite a bit of concentration on your part. As noted, you need to become calm, freeing your mind of everyday worries and tasks. Start by devoting at least 10 minutes to your meditation session every day. 

To do it well, you must find a quiet place. Look for a place where you won’t be distracted. It’s also important that you have comfortable furniture. Focus on something pleasant and soothing. Try pulling together your thoughts to focus on the selected theme. 

Do stretches

Many people, including professional bodybuilders and athletes, use yoga for their stretching routine. You can also do yoga stretches during your college breaks. Well, taking breaks is important anyway to avoid burnout. You can maximize the benefits of your break by using it for an effective stretching session.

You can start with some simple stretches to avoid injury. They can include the seated bend or spinal twist. They do not take much skill and effort to do, and they are a great starting point.

Yoga classes

As you move forward, you can join a yoga class. This has multiple benefits. It helps you become more disciplined by sticking to an established routine. It is also fun to do it together with your friends. When you do it together, you encourage each other to keep going.

You will also find it easier to take instructions and guidance from an experienced yoga teacher. Find a class near you, check reviews, and find out the qualifications of the instructors. You will soon start to appreciate the multiple benefits yoga brings as you become more adept at it. Those are about improved physical and mental health as well as improved academic performance.

Guided meditation

Some people find it challenging to meditate. If you are one of them, you would prefer using guided meditation sessions. You won’t necessarily need to join a class for this. There are lots of great meditation apps and videos available. 

Scour the internet to identify reliable resources with a good reputation. Start with the beginner level and develop a habit of doing it on a regular basis.

Summing It Up

Incorporating yoga and meditation into your study routine makes a huge and long-term investment in your health and well-being. What’s more, you are going to see tangible results in your academic performance too. You should start with modest expectations, stick to your regimen regularly, and have fun with the process and actual results.


Ruby Butz is a top-notch writer, blogger, and health & wellness coach. She has done numerous studies on the benefits of yoga and meditation for students of all ages. Ruby loves sharing her findings and recommendations with as many students as possible.

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