How to Reduce Exam Anxiety with Yoga

How to Reduce Exam Anxiety with Yoga

Taking exams can be one of the most challenging experiences of a student’s life. Exam anxiety is very real. Even a fully prepared student can be anxious before the night of the exam. It can affect students’ mental health and academic performance as well. Exam season is unsettling and needs to be approached with the […]

5 Benefits of Yoga

 5 Benefits of Yoga for Students and Why They Should Try It

Keeping your body healthy should be everyone’s priority. Yoga helps you relax your body and mind and, more importantly, elevates your mood. It does not matter if you do not perfectly know how to do yoga, as practicing regularly will significantly boost your skills. In this article, we will talk about the 5 main benefits […]

5 Health Benefits of Yoga Backed by Science

5 University Scientific Studies about Yoga

Although the practice of yoga is often surrounded by misconceptions and myths, it’s more than breathing gymnastics and the way a person moves and relaxes! It’s a way of life and an inner transformation of a person where many mental health issues are addressed via the changes in our attitude. Many people all over the […]

How to Write a Speech A Guide to Enhance Your Writing Skills

How to Write a Speech: A Guide to Enhance Your Writing Skills

A well-crafted speech is one that is engaging for the audience and communicates an idea or collection of subjects clearly. Making and delivering a successful speech can help you advance your career by acquiring and demonstrating solid interpersonal, leadership, and communication abilities. This article will provide steps and suggestions on how to craft a persuasive […]

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