Reaching thousands of yoga practitioners and creating function and fashion sensitive brand. We provide finest yoga products with commitment to perfection. You are our inspiration, we are Chakra Galaxy. 

Chakra Galaxy Goal

Inner peace and Spiritual Balance

Our core belief is to achieve an overall yoga experience by providing excellent quality products. Reaching new heights will create new yoga practitioners and ultimately yogis that will inspire the lives of the many – promoting chakra-balanced energy and positivity.

Yoga Clothes


 Our Vision. Our Pride

Yoga transformed millions of lives around the globe. Spreading the energy to reach more individual is our dream. Providing innovative products to yogis will inspire them to do more. Highlighting our Yoga Wheels, making yoga sessions fun and easy!

Yoga Props

Our Name

Chakra Galaxy – Just like the celestial bodies in the galaxy, each of our customers are considered as our central object. It means that we will focus on every customer’s demands when it comes to our services. 

Who we Are

We are a team of visionaries that considers Yoga as one of the most beneficiary activity that most of the people can try and perform. With that, we want to extend our reach to the people who want to experience a better output and a more comfortable yoga sessions, meditations, and any other workouts that are related to yoga. We want to spread our enthusiasm and inspire others to carry the same positivity into their lives.

Our Mission

We want to be the first choice of all the yoga lovers and the soon-to-be yoga practitioners when it comes to picking the finest and at the same time, innovative yoga products. For us to accomplish that purposeful goal, we will continue to enhance our efforts to provide each individual the best product and of course, a world-class customer service.

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