5 University Scientific Studies about Yoga

5 Health Benefits of Yoga Backed by Science

Although the practice of yoga is often surrounded by misconceptions and myths, it’s more than breathing gymnastics and the way a person moves and relaxes! It’s a way of life and an inner transformation of a person where many mental health issues are addressed via the changes in our attitude. Many people all over the world have turned to science to provide scientific studies and statistical evidence on yoga that support this assumption even further. The presence of science in yoga exploration also helps to make it more accessible and shows people that it also comes with responsibility and humility. 

1. Flexibility Improvement

Making yourself flexible is one of the most common reasons why people start with yoga in the first place! According to researchers, even the basic poses can greatly improve a person’s flexibility, thus affecting the cardiovascular system and improving coordination issues. Studying moderately active females, this study shows numerous improvements where the work of joints has been brought to another level along with the overall change in the mental state of the sample study group. 

2. Stress Relief Aspect. 

Another important point that is made by numerous studies is the stress relief factor and management of the hormonal spikes that often take place when a person is feeling challenged. Starting with the basic daily duties that we have to go through and going up to academic stress, yoga becomes a great helper. If you are struggling with an academic task, approach an expert with a write my paper for money message and consider getting your homework done, as you will be able to focus on other things even if your time is running out! 

3. Fighting Depression. 

Dealing with major depressive disorder seems to be quite common with increased use of technology and a hectic way of life. It is a reason why yoga sessions often become an antidote that helps to fight depression and overcome anxiety. This particular study focuses on Iyengar yoga and breathing practices by offering evidence that correct dosing of the yoga sessions even helps to decrease the use of antidepressant medication. 

4. Immunity Boosting. 

Yoga also helps to address problems with immunity as it helps to build an inner shield and manage available energy in a totally different way. Speaking of immunity, it is a reason why yoga helps even young children who are usually restless and need additional help with concentration. Studying the effects of stress on the immune system, the author of this study points out that yoga is the most efficient non-chemical way to boost one’s immunity. 

5. Perception of Life and Positivity. 

Finally, yoga is all about staying positive and approaching your life in a different way. It’s the mixture of expectations and the adequate use of available physical and mental resources. This scientific study on Yoga shows that the therapeutic effect that the practice has on our physical and mental states is second to none since it also works as motivation and forms a way of life where all the healthy habits are followed. 

No Universal Approach to Meditation 

If we go beyond the basic scientific exploration of yoga, it’s still necessary to remind that meditation is a deeply personal practice. Every person walks the same road, yet the signs that we see and implement are always different for everyone. It means that you can follow the rules and instructions of your yoga teacher, yet it’s only your inner being that can fully unfold your energy and help you achieve clarity and peace of mind. The purpose is to calm your mind, yet for many people, it’s the way to achieve much better concentration and determination. Since it’s so different for anyone, feel free to explore and remember that it is only you who knows the right way as it’s the journey, not the destination! 


Ruby Butz is a technology specialist and a trained online education instructor who loves to explore anything from mental health and culture to college survival and leadership training. Her posts are always fun and inspiring. Follow Ruby to take your studies to another level and discover amazing ideas. 

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