Combining Yoga With Massage: What Are the Benefits?

Combining Yoga With Massage What Are the Benefits

Yoga and massage are the best ways to restore peace of mind and improve your own health. Currently, both techniques are incredibly popular, so the researchers decided to test how yoga and regular massage affect each other.

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When do people resort to massage?

As you know, massage is a system of mechanical manipulations (stroking, rubbing, effleurage) used to improve blood circulation, prevent tissue adhesion (as a result of injuries), reduce swelling, and improve muscle tone.

Modern man leads a sedentary lifestyle. We sit at the computer for hours, and as a result, our neck aches, our back gets tired and our muscles seem to be asking to be rubbed and stretched. Many people complain of frequent headaches. In most cases, it is a consequence of an overstrain of the spinal muscles (in particular, the cervical region). Don’t rush to take a handful of headache pills. An excellent alternative is a harmless and at the same time useful and pleasant remedy – massage.

Massage has been bringing benefits to people for centuries, improving health, making muscles stronger, increasing life bonus… And this is not a complete list of the positive properties of massage. Among the main reasons that encourage Americans to regularly visit massage parlors are:

  • Back and lower back pain;
  • Severe muscle tension;
  • Stress;
  • Desire to relax;
  • The need for recovery after injury.

Why do many people love yoga?

Yoga is not just fitness, but a set of physical exercises, breathing techniques, and concentration practices. This is a whole philosophy, an ancient teaching, and for many – a way of life. Yoga develops a person comprehensively – through the body, mind, and emotions, and also helps to achieve harmony in the physical and psychological state. Systematic exercises have a beneficial effect on all organs and systems and allow you to achieve mental balance.

One of the main reasons why yoga is useful lies in the characteristics of the human body – asymmetry of breathing. Scientists have proven that every 2.5 hours breathing switches from one nostril to the other. In hatha yoga, which has become the most popular branch of yoga, attention is paid to this feature. To do this, breathing practices are used with asymmetrical breathing: the left nostril to tone and invigorate, and then the right, on the contrary, to relax.

Do yoga and massage go together?

According to professional massage therapists, yoga and massage are an excellent combination that opens the way to positive effects on human health. For all their similarities, they have several significant differences that complement each other.

During the massage, passive work with the body is performed. You are not required to perform any tasks for the procedure to be successful. Yoga has the exact opposite effect. It requires a person to be actively involved in the process, and one must be involved both physically and mentally. The practices literally require us to convince our muscles and joints to work, control our breathing, and do what the instructor says.

In massage, all instructions are given to the body without the work of consciousness. The massage therapist conveys information about what needs to be done through effects on the skin and muscles. Data enters the brain, and it, in turn, triggers adaptation mechanisms and releases hormones. And they already regulate homeostasis, which allows you to get the desired result from the procedure.

Thus, the following conclusions can be drawn:

  • If you need to build a dialogue with the body and mind, learn to manage them – choose yoga;
  • If you can’t cope on your own, if you have blocks or psychosomatic problems, we turn to a massage;
  • If we want to achieve the unity of body and mind, consciousness and subconscious, we combine practices.

When combined, yoga and massage give a much more noticeable result, both in achieving a figure and in working out clamps and blocks. It would be wrong to call them competitors since they are similar only at first glance, but in reality, the mechanics of the practices are completely opposite. Yoga in Khamovniki in combination with massage will allow you to gain harmony, relax the body, and strengthen it.

Enjoy your training and good health!

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