Traditional Thai Pattern Kapok Yoga Meditation Floor Mat


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Make your meditation practice even better – No more struggling to find a comfortable position! With this top-quality yoga meditation cushion, you’ll be able to relax and achieve a deeper level of meditation than ever before. This meditation pillow is designed specifically for meditation and yoga.

  • Made from high-quality materials that will help support your body and make your practice even more comfortable.
  • Enhance your practice and help you achieve inner peace.
  • Extra layer of comfort while meditating or practicing yoga
  • Help you relax and achieve a deep level of comfort during your practice.

Production Information:

  • Material: Cloth, Kapok filing
  • Size: 50*50cm

Additional information

Weight1.42 kg
Dimensions470 × 460 × 10 cm

Wine red elephant, Navy red flower, Fuchsia floral, Wine red floral, Red and black elephant