How to Reduce Exam Anxiety with Yoga

How to Reduce Exam Anxiety with Yoga

Taking exams can be one of the most challenging experiences of a student’s life. Exam anxiety is very real. Even a fully prepared student can be anxious before the night of the exam. It can affect students’ mental health and academic performance as well. Exam season is unsettling and needs to be approached with the right state of mind. In such a scenario, you can always resort to yoga. Doing yoga can help you eliminate exam fear so that you can focus better on learning and excel in your exams.

If you are a student who has exam season approaching and is afraid to face it, do not worry, as we are here with an interesting solution. In this article, we have shared some top tips on how you can leverage the power of yoga to find peace and reduce exam anxiety.

Do yoga when you feel uneasy

There may be times when you are revising your syllabus, and you feel uneasy and suffocated. This is when you can start doing yoga to distract your mind and get it to calm down and concentrate. You can continue doing it until you feel more relaxed. Then, you can get back to studying. Repeating this activity from time to time will help you keep a balance between studying and relaxing, which is very important.

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Try out the mountain pose

Many yoga poses can help in reducing your exam anxiety and stress. Mountain pose is one of them. This is how you can perform the mountain pose. Follow the steps mentioned below.

  • You need to stand still for a while with your arms rested on the sides of your hips.
  • Take deep breaths and release tension in your shoulders.
  • Keep your head and spine straight.
  • Stay in this pose for some time, and then repeat the activity at your convenience.

This pose will teach you to stand still, find a balance, and enhance your brain activity. Post doing this pose, you can feel calm and manage stress easily. Now, when you have a fresh and calm mind, you can concentrate better on your exams.

Feel better with the Crab pose

It is one of the most beneficial yoga poses that can stimulate brain functioning and make you feel better. The crab pose involves having your feet on the floor while your knees are bent. Then, place your hands on the floor to find support to balance your body. Make sure you place your hands behind you. Now, gently lean back on the support you have and keep your feet above in the air. Repeat this activity as many times as you are comfortable doing.

This crab pose will equip you to balance your body with just the support of your hands and lift your bottom and hips in the air. Doing so will develop the muscles of your shoulder and boost your fitness. You can encourage your friends and family to try the crab pose to increase their efficiency in all the tasks.

Yoga can provide you with relief

Anxiety can disturb your happy moments. The worst of all anxieties is the exam anxiety that can knock you off despite your preparedness. With exam season comes immense pressure to do well and compete with classmates and friends. While a competitive spirit is needed, it should only be within healthy limits. Otherwise, it can trigger exam fear among students, which can, in turn, make them anxious and vulnerable. Yoga exercises can be a great way to deal with this pressure. Doing yoga can provide you with relief and ease up any undue pressure and anxiety. This is why students are encouraged to do yoga regularly, especially during exam season, to reduce stress and anxiety.

Author: Ruby Butz

Ruby is a fitness expert. She coaches college students to stay fit and healthy and follow a balanced diet. She is also an avid writer who likes covering various fitness topics. Ruby currently works as a senior writer at a popular enterprise. Traveling is always on Ruby’s mind, and, as of now, she has been to over 20 countries.

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