Silver Plated Wrapped Green Fluorite Stone Quartz Chakra Necklace



The Genius Stone: increase comprehension and retention of new knowledge

  • 🧠 Healthy Mind –  Fluorite powers impart emotional stability and an improved ability to handle difficult situations with a clear mind that is not clouded by overwhelming emotions. As evidenced by fluorite meaning, a strong, healthy balance of confidence and understanding is one of the many fluorite stone benefits.
  • 💎 Fluorite Birthstone –  For people born in the spring between April 20 and May 20. It is also linked to the element of Wind. This element is believed to help you see and understand visions and gain insights.
  • 💖 The Heart Chakra – Green fluorite is excellent for the heart chakra. The author places small pieces of green fluorite above each eyebrow, on either side of the nose under the eyes and directly over the heart chakra. Wonderfully refreshing, like taking a deep, cleansing breath after a spring rain.
  • 💍 Harmony & Balance – Green fluorite crystals take harmony and balance at the heart of fluorite meaning and enhance it to align thoughts with actions and words with deeds. Green fluorite mineral rock is especially helpful for moving forward and breaking free of old bad habits.
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