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Small Hand Hammered Nepalese Buddha Singing Bowl for Healing Meditation

Small Hand Hammered Nepalese Buddha Singing Bowl for Healing Meditation

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Improves concentrationĀ and eases up emotional tensions and blockages

  • šŸŽĀ Free GiftĀ -Ā Includes a free hammer.
  • āš’ļø Exquisite WorkmanshipĀ -Ā Copper as its main material, known for itsĀ corrosion-resistant,Ā anti-bacterialĀ andĀ strength.Ā From this alone, you can say that this singing bowl has excellent quality.
  • šŸŽµ Soothing SoundĀ -Ā The bowl sings very easily and produces a rich, harmonic and soothing sound that lasts for a long duration andĀ provides stress-free relaxation.Ā Singing bowls are used in health care by psychotherapists, massage therapists, cancer, and stress and meditation specialists
  • šŸŽ¤Ā Make It SingĀ -Ā Holding a singing bowl in the palm of your hand and using a wooden mallet or ā€˜strikerā€™ in the other hand as if you are holding a pen, by gently and slowly going around the edge of the bowl with the mallet in a clockwise direction, the bowl will start to ā€˜sing.ā€™ As you hear the wonderful tone and feel the bowl vibrate, you will become more conscious of your breathing and feel more relaxed.
  • šŸ§˜ Be in the ZoneĀ -Ā Singing bowls cause the brain to switch to Theta brainwave frequencies that heighten oneā€™s clarity, intuition, as well as deep peaceful and meditative states. This is referred to as ā€œbeing in the zone.ā€ After using the singing bowl, you will feel a wonderful sense of clarity and focus.
  • Ā āš–ļøChakra Balancing -Ā The rich blend of harmonic overtones that the bowls produce, have a direct positive effect on balancing the chakras. When used as part of chakra balancing, singing bowls are said to have the ability to adjust and balance the sine waves of each chakra. The frequency from a singing bowl is able to travel from chakra to chakra, self-balancing.
  • šŸššĀ GuaranteeĀ - Always protected from click to delivery: Tracking number provided for all parcels and full refund if the product is not received.


To create sound with a singing bowl, firmly press the accompanying mallet in a circular motion against the bowl's outside edge or rim. When you hear a bright, clear tone, you can slow down the motion. Use your full arm to make the motion, rather than just rotating your wrist.

You can also make the same circular motion against the outside belly of the bowl. Additionally, you can gently strike the bowl before beginning the circular motion.


  • 8.0cm - Caliber / 4.5cm - Height / 160g - Weight

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