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Green Malachite Stone Charm Beaded Mala Prayer Necklace

Green Malachite Stone Charm Beaded Mala Prayer Necklace

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  • šŸ“ DimensionĀ - The size of the beadsĀ is 8mm.
  • šŸ’Ž MalachiteĀ - Malachite is a green copper carbonate mineral. It is part of the monolithic crystal system and has a silky luster. It has opaque transparency and sometimes has a patterned surface. Malachite is a rich shade of green and its meaning is transformation and positive change.
  • ā˜øļøĀ Chakras - Malachite is predominantly a heart chakra stone.Ā ItĀ goes straight to work on the heart chakra, removing the blocks so that beauty can flow. It doesnā€™t stop at the heart eitherĀ and works across the chakras, strengthening your Solar Plexus Chakra so you are able to feel grounded and brimming with vitality.
  • šŸ§˜Ā PositiveĀ EnergyĀ - Malachite also works in harmony with the bones, encouraging quick healing for broken bones, torn muscles, and problems with the joints. It's also a stone that lends a hand to period problems like menstrual cramps and makes the body flow in better harmony when it comes to labor pains. It has earned its other name as the Midwife Stone.
  • šŸššĀ GuaranteeĀ - Always protected from click to delivery: Tracking number provided for all parcels and full refund if the product is not received.
  • šŸŽĀ GreatĀ Gift ChoiceĀ -Ā Perfect for any gift-giving occasion, great gift for your friends, lover, and family on Christmas Day, Birthday, Valentine's Day, Anniversary, Thanksgiving Day, mother's Day, father's day, etc.

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