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Yoga for Singing: A Tool for Technique and Performance eBook

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The practices of yoga can be used as tools to develop, maintain, and greatly enhance the art of singing in all its facets-physical technique, breath control, mental focus, musical flow, expressive communication, and radiant performance. Yoga for Singing: A Developmental Tool for Technique and Performance outlines the many and intimate connections between yoga and singing and presents a detailed approach to using the practices of yoga to support the developmental of singing technique, as well as to lay a foundation for confident performance and a lifetime of good health for a long singing career.

Author Judith Carman presents a systematic approach to the yoga practices that are directly related to the art of singing and demonstrates how closely these practices match the needs of singers. The yoga practices and their connections to specific singing needs are presented as physical postures (Asana), breathing practices (pranayama), concentration/meditation practices, and deep relaxation techniques.

The copious illustrations and specific practices are designed to be used by singers and voice teachers, regardless of their level of acquaintance with yoga. The book also makes a persuasive case for the inclusion of ongoing yoga classes specially designed for singers in the university voice curriculum. Yoga for Singing presents vocal students and professionals, voice teachers, and movement instructors (many of whom include a significant amount of yoga in stage movement and dance courses required in conservatory vocal/opera programs as well as in pre-professional apprentice programs) with a unique approach to technique and performance improvement that fits the increasing interest in and prevalence of yoga practices.

  • By: Judith E. Carman
  • Format: PDF

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