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Yoga Darshana: Yoga Philosophy in The Tradition of Shiva eBook

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The truth of the matter, however, is that if materialists fail to see any similarity between the World and man-made objects, this may be due to a negative and therefore defective view of the World on their part. If for some the World bears no resemblance to any man-made artifacts, it does so for others. Expressions such as “the vault of heaven”, “roof of the world”, “pillar of the universe”, “lamp of the world”, “table-land”, “rain-bow”, “blanket of snow”, “chain of events” all suggest a conscious or subconscious awareness of the similarity of the World and man-made objects

Nor must we assume that this similarity is limited to physical objects. After all, when we compare a man-made thing to the World, we are not talking about the physical action involved in making a pot, building a house or creating a work of art. Rather, we mean the intelligent thought processes leading to such action.

This Spiritual Agent which is possessed of the Powers of Intelligence and Action, must also be possessed of Will. For we cannot assume that the Material Cause of the World willed itself into producing the latter. After all, clay, for example, does not resolve to become a pot but is made into the latter at the will and by the agency of, the pot-maker.

  • By: Ganganatha Jha
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