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Power Mudras: Yoga Hand Postures for Women Study eBook

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Yoga hand movements (called mudras) tap into abundant healing, balancing, and energizing powers.

Our bodies contain 72,000 pulsing electric energy currents; keeping that energy flowing powerfully throughout the body is the key to our well-being. The simple three-minute practices introduced in this book will enable you to balance that flow–to redirect, recharge, and stimulate brain centers, nerves, and organs, according to your need; to discover the pleasure of being the natural you.

The acknowledged master of this ancient practice is certified yoga therapist Sabrina Mesko. She created this book especially for women, providing brilliantly clear and beautifully illustrated instruction’s for the performance of seventy-nine powerful exercises, specifically organized to help women feel better, look better, and reclaim their feminine essence.

She includes mudras for:
- Emotional balance
- Antiaging
- Sexual empowerment
- Computer related health problems
- Facing fear
- Overcoming anxiety
- Higher consciousness
- Better communication
- Stronger character
- Wisdom
- Prosperity
- Happiness

The author’s expert recommendations for appropriate breathing exercises, visualizations, mantras, and affirmations reinforce the potency of each mudra. In less than ten minutes a day, you can permanently redirect your life and dramatically improve its quality. No previous experience with yoga is needed. If you can move your arms and hands you can use these ancient practices to transform your life.

  • By: Sabrina Mesko
  • Formats: PDF

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