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Miracles of Sivananda: Devotees Spiritual Transformation eBook

Miracles of Sivananda: Devotees Spiritual Transformation eBook

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Miracles are based on the principle of the concentration of the mind. The mind has immense powers. It derives its power from the Atman or the Supreme Soul. The mind is a collection of thoughts. The mind’s energy is dissipated by worry, evil thoughts, cares, anxieties, and lack of Brahmacharya. If you can control the immense amount of power which the mind possesses, through concentration and sublime thoughts, you will acquire Siddhis or the power to do supernatural actions.

The eight major Siddhis are the greatest miracles performed by the Raja Yogins. There are various minor Siddhis also. Siddhis come during the practice of concentration. They are by-products of concentration. You will have to shun them ruthlessly. If you fall a victim to these Siddhis, you cannot reach the goal.

The Siddhis performed by Raja Yogins are true. They cannot change the molecules of an object. They can draw their supply from the cosmic source, ether, and create any kind of object through their Yogic power. A Jnani performs miracles through the power of Satsankalpa (pure willing). A Raja Yogi does miracles through Samyama (Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi combined).

  • By: Sri Swami Sivananda
  • Format: PDF 

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