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Hindu-Aryan Theory on Evolution & Involution of Raja-Yoga eBook

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The object of this treatise is to supply the want of a correct exposition of the theory of
Evolution and Involution or the Science of Raja-Yoga. There have been many publications on this subject in English by a few European and Hindu scholars. The philosophy contained in their writings is meager and inadequate in regard to vital points.

The reason for this is not far to seek. From the time of the Civil War in India which took place, according to some, five thousand years ago, and according to others three thousand nine hundred years ago, the cardinal principles, the explanations and the definitions of the technical expressions used in the sacred books were obliterated before they could obtain circulation.

The books that contain the correct and complete theory of the Evolution of the Cosmos,
the Descent of the Universe and Man, the Ascent of Man and the Methods of Man’s Ascent, which go under the name of the Science and the Art of Raj a-Yoga were not published. These are the higher and the highest philosophy of the Hindu-Aryans which is in the safe custody of the Traditional Teachers and it is handed down from the Guides (Gurus) to the Disciples (Cishyas) in succession.

  • By: Rajan Iyengar & Tirumangalum Chrishna
  • Formats: PDF, Kindle & ePub

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