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Dream Yoga: A Map Of The Spiritual Journey & Essence Of Love E-book

Dream Yoga: A Map Of The Spiritual Journey & Essence Of Love E-book

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The spiritual practice consists of meditation and dream yoga. Meditation and dream yoga are two sides of the same thing. If you nevertheless should try to discriminate, then you about meditation can say, that the three aspects of meditation are relaxfullness, awareness, and heartfullness.

Normally Dream Yoga is understood as practicing meditation during sleep, about realizing the illusory aspects of dreams, and about achieving special states in sleep, such as lucidity and astrality. But dream yoga is also about realizing the illusory aspect of the waking life, both one´s own thought-distortions, but also the thought-distortions of society.

Through 18 articles Morten Tolboll draws a map over the spiritual journey through the dream labyrinth of life and death. In this map he shows both dangers and pitfalls, as well as pathfinders and trail markers. 

  • By: Morten Tolboll
  • Formats: PDF, Kindle & ePub

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