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Dhyana Yoga: The Science of Meditation and Concentration eBook

Dhyana Yoga: The Science of Meditation and Concentration eBook

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There is a continuous current in the mind of one object like the flow of water in a river (Pravaha). There is only one Vritti in the mind. It is Ekarupa-Vritti Pravaha. The meditation should be done at the appointed time daily. Then the meditative mood will come by itself without any effort. Sit also in the same place daily for meditation. Meditation on God must become habitual. First meditate on Lord Vishnu with all sorts of ornaments. Then meditate on Him without any ornament.

In the Isvara Gita you will find: Concentration lasts as long as 12 Pranayamas; Dhyana lasts as long as 12 concentrations; and Samadhi lasts as long as 12 such Dhyanas.

Various objects of contemplation and meditation are given in the Chapters Dharana and Samyama. And so, repetition is avoided here. Major portion of the exercises and definitions given in the Chapters Dharana, Samyama and Samadhi, belong to this Chapter on 'Dhyana.' As I expressed previously, these Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi cannot be separated. They form, as it were, one subject. The beginning portion of Dhyana is Dharana and the advanced portion is Samadhi. Since I have dealt with Dharana, Samyama and Samadhi in detail, now I will close this Chapter with a few more instructions on Dhyana.

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