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Bhakti Yoga Islam: Spiritual Power Of Bhakti-Yogi eBook

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Even now days great bloodshed between Hindus and Muslims in communal riots are still going on. Often people ask, "Why are Hindus and Muslims killing each other and creating more misery and suffering.

Why doesn’t the Hindu’s “Bhagavan” and the Muslim’s “Allah” put a stop to this carnage? While Hindus and Muslims are created by the same God, why do they fight or kill each other? Are they not real brothers? As there is no doubt about their one Creator, who is the father of all entities in the real sense. Why are there different religions? And which one is the best?

Muslims say Allah never creates anything irrelevant." But nobody has given substantial answers or explanations to these questions.

  • By: Alvarata Dasa
  • Formats: PDF, Kindle & ePub

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