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Gleanings in Buddha Fields: A Short Work on Culture and Heritage Audiobook

Gleanings in Buddha Fields: A Short Work on Culture and Heritage Audiobook

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"Festivals would be held to honor me. Priests, black-coiffed and linen-vestured, would bring me offerings of fruits and fish and seaweed and rice-cakes and rice-wine,—masking their faces with sheets of white paper, so as not to breathe upon my food."

"And the miko their daughters, fair girls in crimson hakama and robes of snowy white, would come to dance with tinkling of little bells, with waving of silken fans, that I might be gladdened by the bloom of their youth, that I might delight in the charm of their grace. And there would be music of many thousand years ago,—weird music of drums and flutes,—and songs in a tongue no longer spoken; while the miko, the darlings of the gods, would poise and pose before me:—... "Whose virgins are these,—the virgins who stand like flowers before the Deity? They are the virgins of the august Deity."

Lafcadio Hearn was one of the first Westerners to live in Japan during the early Meiji era, and a prolific writer. Although chiefly known for his collections of Japanese ghost stories (in particular Kwaidan), he also wrote many non-fiction essays about his life in Japan.
This book contains 11 essays covering a variety of topics. For example, Hearn writes about his visits to Kyoto and Osaka, Japanese art, as well as Buddhism and Nirvana. (Summary by Availle) 

  • By: Lafcadio HEARN
  • Translated by: James LEGGE
  • Length: 6 hrs and 25 mins
  • Format: MP3 (zip file)

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